Historically, stamp represents one’s status, integrity and personality. From western to eastern, for Emperor’s, General’s and the Professor’s seal are all in fine craftwork and with its own unity. It is exacted and with pleasure if someone owns a personal seal. A personal seal as a gift or souvenir can shows the great appreciation from the sender.

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I remember the most important gifts from the giver, a Commemorative Metal Paperweights, can stay in front of the recipient everyday, and the other from the other party to send you all the time, who see things as see, in particular, have commemorative value. The Coating of paperweight has , pure copper metal, bronze, gold, silver for selection guide

Colour Box Stamp
For like many children of color, stamp, with color and colorful, daily use as a seal, can stimulate the children's thinking long on perspective, the choice of superior yellow wood materials, fine wood, the feeling of non-traditional

Colour Stone Stamp
Colour Stone Stamp , crystal clear, high hardness compared with the tranditional Stone Chop . Used for the daily stamping , It can keep your chop long lasting .Jananese favourite . As a gift to share characteristics , also can shows the great appreciation from the sender.

Wax Seal Gift Set
Wax sealing is a kind of seal origin from China ancient emperor. At that time, the eunuch used it as trademark. Later the treasury put the sealing wax on the letter for enclosure of confidentiality. From there onward, the technique transferred to Europe and the Roman made it popular in their daily mail sending. It shows precious and also keeps it privacy by using the wax seal. For different wax color it shows different occasion use, Red for a joyous event, Golden for marriage and graduate. We provide order for special wax sealing.

Embossing Seal
A hand vice can make irregularity effect in paper. With its special 3-D shape, it make letter, document, gift card a special characteristic.

Chopstricks Engraving Gift Set
Send chopsticks that there are moral . Chopstick crafting can use in wedding anniversary, birthday or company gift as it can serve both useful & memory purpose.

Engraving Service
We also provide metal carving service - any letter or sign. With a personal nametag, it shows its long lasting and specialty. Customer can provide own material.



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