Company History

In the early 1930s, Mr. Fan Kim Yuk, founder of "Fan's E & P Trading Co."started his carving business in Hong Kong.He, with a craft knife and his sophisticated hands, has made numerous wooden and cow-bone stamps.

Because of China"s liberation in 1949, Sino-British government closed the border and it brought a stress in the food supply of Hong Kong. At that moment, Hong Kong government used the stamped food coupon to redeem food. With the huge demand of stamps, Mr. Fan, without having any sleep for three days, made a record of making over a hundred of stamps per day.

In 1955, Mr. Fan Pun, successor of Mr. Fan Kim Yuk took over his father's business in making traditional hand-made stamps. With the industrial development in Hong Kong, demand of moulds and metal stamps increased rapidly. Mr. Fan Kim Yuk started introducing equipment for making moulds and metal stamps. A new era of semi-auto stamp making generation was proclaimed.

Mr. Fan Pun is famous for his artwork designs and calligraphy in crafting industry. With his fine handcraft, he can make words in different fonts, logos, characters, etc. on any kinds of crafting materials. With his genius gift, Mr. Fan Pun also provides design service to his clients. A famous billionaire has invited Mr. Fan to make carved patterns and naming on his coffin as a memorial.

Nowadays, "Fan's E & P Trading Co." make its core business on commercial stamps, e.g. company chops, plastic stamps, Pre-ink Stamp/Embossing Seal/Wax Seal/Wood Stamp/Stone Stamp/Mid-size Stand Seal"BLong Handrail Stand Seal"BLionHand Stand Seal, etc. Fan's also provides different stamping accessories to various industries, e.g. jewelry, eyeglasses, watches, leather, printing, food processing, commercial equipment accessories, printing machines, etc. We also provide standard alphabet moulds in different sizes for any industrial use.

"Customer is Asset, Integrity brings Success" has been our company motto for over 50 years. We are honored from receiving more and more customer's recognition.

In the 21-century, we put emphasis on the followings:

To provide win-win scenario to our customers by using our fine work, attractive price and high quality service;
To be an all rounded business, providing manufacturing, developing and selling services.

Fan's E & P Trading Co. - a leading Hong Kong stamp company, wish all the best to Hong Kong citizens!

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