With the fast commercial and IT world, `Fast Delivery, Excellent Quality and Lowest Price` is what we can provide.

Because of the above important deliverable, we are fully equipped with computerized equipment and also skillful craftsman work. With over 30 years seal crafting experience, we are value and trust in this industry. We guarantee our full care and professional ethic in making different stamp product. Welcome and give us a call.

Seal model / Board price tag

  Pre-ink Stamp / Colop Stamp
Purple, Blue, Black, Green, Red
  Traditional Stamp with different size shape square, round, egg-shaped and material Wood, Ox, Ivory etc...   Round Wooden / Ox-horn Stamp  
Dater Chop   Traditional Engraving Chop
13mm to 25mm, Engraving Services with any kinds of fonts (both in Chinese and English), Logo and Signature etc.
  Wax Seal
( Wax provided)
  Embossing Seal
Size 38mm to 44mm
  Long rail Embossing Mini Stand
Size Dia 38mm below
  Lion Head Stand Seal
Size Dia 38mm below
  Mid-Size Stand Seal
Size Dia 44mm below
  Long Handrail Stand Seal
Size Dia 54mm below

Marker with Engraving Fonts or Logo
  Electical Embossing Machine   Heavy Stand Seal  
  Copper Stamp (Fully Copper or Ox Handle)   Stamp and Chop Sample   Traditional Stone Set with Traditional Engraving  
Engraving Sample Engraving Service Ox Hone Set
Red Rubber Chop Stone Set  


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